Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Wider is Better

We've doubled the size of our
warehouse and build areas.

Our hub flanges are not the only things we’ve widened for 2013. We’ve also expanded our office and production facility. Thanks to many of you, business is growing. We were practically busting at the seams here at world headquarters, so we knocked a hole in the wall and doubled the size of our facility.

We're making a new showroom
@ HQ to display the wheels.
Boyd Cycling is headquartered in a very cool building right at milepost 31.4 on the Swamp Rabbit Trail in Greenville, SC. The trail is a popular venue for cyclists and pedestrians walking and riding to and from downtown. Our building is part of a successful redevelopment project called Swamp Rabbit Green. The property was rescued from disrepair and turned into several thriving businesses. Luckily, we were able to grab some additional space during phase 3 of the redevelopment.

The new space provides us with ample room to warehouse more raw materials and finished products. It also has enabled us to expand our wheel building area. We’ve added a couple people to our manufacturing team and they are fitting in really well.

Pictures and a Boyd Jersey decorate
the new showroom area.
Darin Marhanka is a well-known strongman around here in the saddle, but few know that he’s also a very talented wheel builder. Darin has built wheels for years and he’s already up to speed and turning out Boyd hoops that are straight and true. He’s also a multi-time Master’s National Champion on the track, so he’ll be a big asset in the development and testing of our Boyd track wheels. We’re happy to have him on the team…and the Wednesday lunch rides.

We’d also like to welcome Cristina Lindsey to our build team. She helps out with numerous steps of the wheel building process, enabling the team to efficiently build more stock and get ahead of orders for faster shipping to customers. Like everyone else that works at Boyd Cycling, she’s a strong cyclist with several state championships to her name.

The new Boyd Bottle Opener
is a nice addition.
If you’re in Greenville, make sure you stop by for a quick tour of the new place. There’s a new showroom area featuring all of our new 2013 products. World HQ has never looked so good. Stop in and you’ll probably even get to meet the person that built that Boyd wheelset you love so much. Or the wheelset you’re going to love next.

Boyd Cycling
205-C Cedar Lane Rd.
Greenville, SC 20611

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